The FairLife Charity Vision

Our vision is of a society where trusted companies offer great products to financially educated consumers.  A society where effort is rewarded but nobody is exploited.  This will make life easier and happier for everyone.

Trusted companies offer great products to financially educated consumers

The FairLife Charity offers a route to this vision which works for the community, industry and the government.  The finance industry, assisted by the FairLife Mark, offers products that are honestly priced and fairly traded. The Government contributes and ensures these products are fit-for-purpose. And finally the people step forward and choose these products, sending a clear message that they want change.The FairLife VisionMoney from the FairLife Mark is used to promote financial education.  This creates a virtuous circle as financially educated people are more likely to buy FairLife products. 

It works for everyone. A trusted finance industry will enjoy stronger revenue growth.  A more educated population will be better employees and less burden on the state.  And a World of honesty and integrity will allow people to enjoy their lives and plan their futures with confidence. 

Look for the FairLife Mark

The World you live in reflects the choices you make

How it benefits you and society

The FairLife Charity will free people to tackle today's problems with energy, knowledge and confidence: energy to work hard; knowledge to make the right choices; and confidence that you'll get what you’ve paid for.

How it benefits Employers

Your business, staff and customers will all benefit from fairer banking.  It will save money, time and stress helping everyone to be more focused at work.  The FairLife Mark also sends a message to your staff and customers that the company has their best interests at heart.

How it benefits the Finance Industry

The FairLife Foundation wants to help build a finance industry that is bigger, more profitable and more trusted.  Most firms recognize that they will be more profitable offering products that people trust and are keen to have.

FairLife Marks highlight a minimum standard of sound practice, but they will not go beyond this.  FairLife Marks will not diferentiate between mark holders or highlight the best providers.  Where products meet Fairlife's minimum standards, the industry will be encouraged to grow, complete, profit and innovate. 

How it benefits Government

Successive governments have walked a difficult line regulating the country’s finance industry. The industry is complex and regulatory changes can have unforeseen consequences.

But the country now has a problem. The world has entered a new financial era and in order to prosper, society needs to adapt. Failure to make the change will see many hardworking people finishing their lives in relative poverty and place an enormous burden on public finances.  This comes at a time when trust in the finance industry is at an all-time low.

Ideally, the government needs to find ways of saving people money and then convincing them to invest those savings over the course of their lives for a better retirement. This is one goal of the FairLife Charity.