About Fairlife Debt

The FairLife Debt Mark is awarded to companies that deal with personal debt and that have agreed to support the FairLife fair trading initiative.  The mark seeks to confer certain benefits on the holders of the debt in the event that they enter replayment difficulties.

When FairLife Debt is dealt with by a FairLife Debt Recovery firm it offers the following benefits:

1. Customers holding non-FCA-regulated debt must be treated in a similar manner to those holding FCA regulated debt and should, as far as possible, be afforded the same benefits and protections.

2. Creditors must follow the spirit of the FCA's principles as well as the letter of the law.  Creditors doings this will add nothing, or very little, by way of costs and interest to customers’ debt once it is in debt recovery (with the exception of court fees & costs).

3. Whenever possible an affordable repayment plan must be agreed with the customer.

As the range of marks offered by the FairLife Charity expands, further benefits should accrue.   The FairLife Mark will eventually form an umbrella of trust across the whole finance industry, acting as a beacon to guide consumers and protecting the vulnerable.


FairLife-marked debt (or FairLife Debt) can be identified either by displaying the FairLife Debt Mark or by having the words 'FairLife Debt' printed clearly.  

The Fairlife Charity wishes to emphasise that debts must be repaid to prevent actions that can damage your credit history.